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On our training website, you can watch each step of the four hour long training course individually...
We have all 40+ steps of this program divided out for you on the left hand side of your own course site. Just click on each to watch.
"I wasn't sure how much better the video would be to what was already available for free on 4BP but I am very impressed with the quality and detail. Best money I've ever spent on horse training info. Delighted customer, can't wait to use it all out on my psycho pony. "
- Happy customer from the beta test launch!
"I've only just started the program but how inspirational is Joe Hughes. What wonderful human beings he and his family, now extended family thanks to Facebook, are. I love seeing the horses run. They have often tried to outrun us in the ute in the outback even along roads. Magical creatures."
- Another happy customer from the beta test in early March 2017!
You can also watch the full four hours all at once!
Or you can watch all four hours in one movie...
Watch in one big chunk. It's up to you! But we have it all lay out for you to dive into right now. As SOON as you purchase you'll be taken to your own membership site. 
"I have been following the Facebook™ videos for a while now and have been waiting for the platform to fill in the gaps. I have already found it to be extremely helpful. I look forward to sharing the new knowledge i am gaining with the staff i have working for me."
- Happy customer that will be using the 4BP Method™ with their staff in Australia
 "I spent 5 days at 4BP™ and I have to say it was the best 5 days I've ever had out of the 20 yrs I've spent working in the horse industry. Joe and Lauren work extremely hard from dawn to dusk with little reward apart from the joy and love of working with these beautiful snowy mountain brumbys, and the pride of seeing them going to their new loving homes at the end of it all. The dedication this family has is inspirational. 

The method Joe has formed is truly unique but is quite simply the ' let's be mates approach " there's no dominating the horses through force or the breaking of their spirits involved it is simply asking for respect and then giving it back and the response from the horses is beautiful to watch.

Not only is 4bp doing a amazing service to these horses but to people as well! I'm extremely grateful that I was lucky enough to stay with them and offered this training for free and not only that they are fantastic hosts as well, I was very well looked after.

This training is open to anyone and for those who can't be there in person there is a wealth of free videos to access.
 This training I've received has given me a new found confidence and any horse trained this way will have huge trust and confidence in their human as well. The method is so safe that I will be teaching it to my children.
 Thank you so much 4BP™ and a big shout out to Lauren the talented horse trainer with a huge future ahead of her! Xx
- An incredibly satisfied visitor that trained first hand with Joe & Lauren Hughes
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